Techniques of learning Science for good grade: Use Flash Cards Science

Study cards are very much in use today as these aids the students in learning and grasping the knowledge in their brain. Science is a study which requires too much logic and practical to be done because everything has its own logic in science. And thus, while learning science you come across so many difficult terminologies which are not very easy to grasp. So, here are the Flash cards that really help you to grasp all those easy to forget terms in science along with the complex processes in which they are involved.

Science study cards also known as flash cards are very availing in learning new terms, reviewing concepts and breakdown of the complex processes. Here are some of the best techniques which will help you to study science with the flash cards. Flash cards are very easy to study when you are learning any language as it easily gets you acquainted with the vocabulary of that language. Similar is with the science terminologies, this is made easy by just writing the terminology on one side and the definition on other side. When you are studying any process or experiment, try to write down each and every step involved in the process. On the front side of it, write down the name of the process while on the back side jot down the respective number of the step’s name. Then you can shuffle the cards to arrange them in proper manner.

Suppose you are writing the process of life period of a butterfly, then it becomes easy to remember each process through names, like egg, larvae, pupa and then butterfly. This is an easy way and now knowing the process name, you can easily draw its diagram also. So in front of each diagram write down its number as well as step position. This was the case of studying biology science, if you go into chemistry portions, student find difficulty in learning the elements and their behaviours. Flash cards help here also. You can write the ion’s name on one side of the card and its chemical symbol and its charge on the opposite side of the flash card. Or you can write the element on one side, while its atomic weight on back side of the study card. Similarly in physics, you can write down the formula’s name on one side and on the other jot the exact formula.

Another way can be writing down the element son one side and its chemical formula on the other side. So, whether you take the chemistry, physics or biology portions of science, flash cards help to learn with much ease and fun.