Music Cassettes and Its Future as Compared to Music CD

Some time before people who like music, books they had to use audio books or audio player or tapes etc. Long time ago CD player changed the electronic industry and prior to that internet changed the lifestyle of the media. Through music books and music cassettes education became more easily accessible and enjoyable for those who enjoy reading books.

Many people still prefer to listen to music cassette in long trip or reading long favorite book in their spare time. Music cassettes do have its own qualities and necessities but recent audio book format seems to be changing it all and it has been proved to be more efficient.

Industry of audio book started with music cassettes of music literature and spread gradually to literature books. That time Walkman was not very popular device among masses, however it is still very useful device. Suppose if you are going for a walk and simultaneously you want to listen you favorite book then walkman is preferred since you don’t have to do anything while listing your favorite.

However in the market there are other devices are available like iPods, media player, but these items are not durable enough and not compatible to play through vibrations and bouncing.

There are some disadvantages of Music cassettes though. You may enjoy music literature in a peaceful evening or in your spare time. There are some limitations of having Audio literature cassette such as it does not offer you “quick skip” to go to the next chapter.

We also need to understand that music cassettes are not as durable as CDs and apart from this a tap can be scratched or twist that could effect on quality of your content. One more thing to add that cassette sound quality is always inferior to CDs, even if it is best one.

With growing popularity for digital downloads of favorite music books, these music cassettes are about to be necessities. But at the result, you end up realizing difficult to handle and purchase. Audio companies too give preferences for digital downloads since it gives the opportunity to save money. Even you are shipping your stuff for both buyer and seller it is easy to go for MP3 download because it can be done within minutes.

In the conclusion we can say that it’s always good to go for MP3 downloads rather than bulky cassette tapes, because it takes space, it is efficient and cost effective too. If you are going for a trip, then you will not be able to handle bulky music cassettes with you. However there are some benefits of having Audio books but still disadvantages are more. Easy access and download makes digital format obsolete.