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The Ultimate List of Classroom Essentials for Every Teacher

The Ultimate List of Classroom Essentials for Every Teacher For all teachers, rookies and veterans alike, the thought of supplying and maintaining an entire classroom can be quite daunting. We all want well-organized supplies, everything ready when we need it, and a bright, cozy environment that makes learning fun, but there are so many things to keep in mind when setting up an ideal classroom. Check out our list of classroom must-haves to make sure you are well prepared for teaching your class and equipped with all the necessary items. Basic Classroom Must-Haves Pencils Having a supply of pencils on hand is paramount in every classroom. Stock up on pencils as it is inevitable to have them go missing or broken in the classroom. Pencil Sharpener Whether an electric or a manual sharpener, every classroom should have one. Cap Erasers A built-in eraser runs out much faster than the pencil’s core. That is when you may want to apply a cap eraser to extend the pencil’s li

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Teacher Supplies