The Ultimate List of Classroom Essentials for Every Teacher

The Ultimate List of Classroom Essentials for Every Teacher

For all teachers, rookies and veterans alike, the thought of supplying and maintaining an entire classroom can be quite daunting. We all want well-organized supplies, everything ready when we need it, and a bright, cozy environment that makes learning fun, but there are so many things to keep in mind when setting up an ideal classroom. Check out our list of classroom must-haves to make sure you are well prepared for teaching your class and equipped with all the necessary items.

Basic Classroom Must-Haves


Having a supply of pencils on hand is paramount in every classroom. Stock up on pencils as it is inevitable to have them go missing or broken in the classroom.

Pencil Sharpener

Whether an electric or a manual sharpener, every classroom should have one.

Cap Erasers

A built-in eraser runs out much faster than the pencil’s core. That is when you may want to apply a cap eraser to extend the pencil’s life.

Glue Sticks

Teachers’ favorite, glue sticks are essential for the classroom – they are used in most school projects.


So many uses for this handy product! Use for putting items on your bulletin board. Keep all pages neatly together. Make printable books. You will find yourself using it all the time, so make sure to invest in a heavy-duty, durable stapler.

Staple Remover

Use it for taking off displays on your bulletin board or for removing staples from stacks of papers.


Have a bunch of scissors in a tub for your students and keep a spare one handy for yourself.

Individual White Boards

These are great for guided practice, pair work and other fun activities. They help you assess student learning in real time and give immediate feedback, as the students can easily erase and learn from their mistakes.

Dry-Erase Markers

Many consider dry-erase markers to be the new chalk; indeed, they write and clean up better without all the dust and the screeching noises.


This is another item you may want to consider stocking up for your class. Invest in Crayola crayons; their colors are the most brilliant and last well.

Colored Paper

Organize your handouts by color-coding them or use them for classroom decor.

Binder Clips

Always have a pile of binder clips in your desk for keeping papers together without damage.


A great alternative to using tape, you can attach papers to your whiteboard or to your filing cabinet.


A set of markers will be handy for making labels, writing on charts and writing on bulletin boards.


Have a red one always on hand for checking and a blue or black one for correspondences. Use colored pens for color-coding information in your lesson planner.

Sticky Notes

Buy them in different sizes and shapes for use in leaving notes and reminders for your students, colleagues and yourself. Incorporate them in your lessons - use in interactive anchor charts and other activities.


Clipboards are great for helping kids be organized and to take their work anywhere, even for outdoor learning and field trips.

Necessary Storage Solutions

Plastic Caddies

You can use these to hold your classroom or personal supplies. Look for those that are easily stackable, lightweight and durable. Invest in caddies that have locking lids, especially for boxes used by students.

Organizer Carts & Racks

Mobile organizers and racks are a great way to keep classroom materials in place, and they are portable.

Bulletin Board D├ęcor Supplies


A great visual for teaching the months, days, seasons, weather and class schedule.


Have different posters in your classroom for motivation, classroom rules and visual aids to supplement learning.

Border Trims

Decorate your classroom easily with ready-made border trims. They come in different sizes and themes to spruce up your classroom.

Essential Teacher Helpers


Teachers should have stamps for all sorts of uses. Use reward stamps to motivate and celebrate student success. Use a date stamp to keep track of submission dates. Use a name stamp, preferably a self-inking one, so that you don’t have to sign over and over again.

Time Tracker

Use a timer to keep students on track, even for games.

Note Cards

Always have a stack of notecards ready for quick correspondences, such as writing thank you notes or reminders.


With a laminator in your classroom, you can easily create dry-erase worksheets for your pupils and make learning materials and resources last longer.

Paper Cutter

Having a paper cutter in a teacher’s home office or class is essential if you want clean lines on all your visuals and teaching aids.


An essential for emergencies, for when you need to cover a P.E. lesson or for lunch duty.

Lesson Planners

The importance of lesson planners can’t be overstated. They are the perfect tool to help organize time and maintain daily schedules in ordered sequence of tasks and activities. It may take some time before you can find the perfect planner that’s just right for you, but when you do, you’ll find that life becomes much easier.


Dice-rolling is always fun for students. Use for math skills or for fun games in class.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a great start for stocking your classroom.

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