Flash cards: Foreign Language Learning Effectively

To make the foreign language much easier to learn, it is possible to make flash cards for them and this helps you to speak as well as write any foreign language very efficiently. Vocabulary is considered very important for learning the sentence structure along with the verb conjugation. So, learning the vocabulary becomes very easy with flash cards especially in some cases where tenses have more importance. It is more fun to make foreign language flash cards and learning the language through them.

Now, what all should be done to start making the flash cards? The most important requirement for this is by using 4 by 6’’ index cards which can be bought from shops like Staples and office Max. One package is enough to start with the basic vocabulary. Although with increasing vocabulary you might need more packs later, but initially one pack is sufficient. The package that will be used must be of different colored sharpie markers and this is preferred because it makes the alphabets bolder in size as compared to the normal markers.

To start with this procedure of making flash cards with all the required objectives, take out the first text chapter about the foreign language which you have learnt. You will find the vocabulary list at last after each chapter and the publishing author is not a much constraint to be followed. This is the way by which all the authors start their chapters so that the students learn the foreign vocabulary words. And it is from these words from which you should make maximum usage in the flash cards. Then make a list of all the words in front of you and then categorize them as nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, conjunction etc. remember to use different color marker for each of the respective category so that learning becomes more fun and easy. Like, for nouns use red marker, for adjectives use blue markers, for verbs, adverbs, conjunctions use green, brown and black respectively.

And depending on each of the category in which the word falls, you should be using the colored markers. Just after this make one side of the flash cards to be used for writing in English and the other side to be meant for writing in the foreign language. Here you have to make one thing sure that you must write down the pronunciation of the word along with the foreign word, because pronunciation is something which can change the actual meaning of the word. Try to stress the syllables while writing the pronunciation. Just after this organize all the words according to their defined category and then rubber bands should be placed around each card.

Now, these cards can be packed in some plastic boxes too, so that this is helpful to you while learning the new language. And these cards are easy source to find the word, meanings and their categories.