Effective Study Tips with Flash Cards: Math learning

Flash card has been a proven technique to remember huge information and master complex subjects. Even if it is as difficult subject as Math (not for everybody though) with all the equations, logics, theorems, formulae; math flash card can make it easier and fun to learn the subject. In fact, every level of students can make use of Math flash card according to their needs. They can make their own flash cards, quiz each other, remember by their own, at leisure time and thus mastering the subject.

So, here are some tips, which can make the learning through Math flash card more fun and easy.

- If you are from an elementary school or primary school; starting from addition, subtraction and other mathematical equation is a great way. The answers to any problem can be written at the back to be checked after finding the solution themselves.

- While writing numbers and their factors; you can write a figure at the front and write their factors at the opposite side. You can give a note of HCF (Highest Common Factor) and LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) with an example numbers also there.

- In fact, for HCF and LCM, you can try by pulling out two or three cards together and determine their HCF or LCM.

- You can write down some algebraic formulae too and some example derivations or derivative formula at the back to memorize them.

- You can write all these in fill in the blanks way, where you can write an equation like: (x+a)(x+b)=____

- Sometimes, when you are studying then try to do your own cards only, which will make it easy to remember formulae.

- Also, when trying to write any Math problem in the flash card, use problems where it doesn’t require pen or pencil to solve a problem. That will make it tedious to do and those kinds of problems are not for flash card learning.

- Most importantly, keep the cards with yourself and keep them according to whatever you are learning in that period. You may use them as a revision of basic equations, theorems or logics.

Most of the time, students feel Math as a very complex subject only because of applying the concepts of Math in solving problems. When you use a Math flash card, make sure that you are learning these concepts very well with flash cards. That way once you become conversant in fundamentals, you will not feel it difficult to solve even the trickiest problem in Math.


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