Making Inexpensive Music Instrument Crafts for your Child at Home

Music has its own importance in everybody’s life. It is a great gift for your children to introduce them to music at very young age. It’s a good pastime and creative hobby for your child, which as a parent you can introduce them to. There are various medium like music books, music cassettes, music CDs that will help you to ensure that your child learns music. Similarly, you can also help your child to learn music instruments. But if you are dealing with young children, you will not want to experiment with expensive music instruments at the beginning. At the same time, you never know which instrument is going to really interest them. For this you can try some inexpensive music instruments that you can make as a craft at your home and let your child play with it. So, as few examples, here we can discuss how to make a Gong, a xylophone and hummer for your child.

- Gong: You can make an inexpensive Gong through old pie tin. You can also try a metal popcorn tin along with a table knife or a spoon, then a hammer, nail and string. First you have to make nail holes on the two side of popcorn lid. Push the string through the holes and make a loop. Then tie the knot with that string. The length of the string would ensure that you can hold the string without touching the tin. Now, you can use it as a Gong by hitting by knife or a spoon. After this you can make a bit of adjustments to make this sound loud or soft.

- Xylophone: You can work through equal size and shaped water glasses for this instrument. You have to fill up these glasses with varying amount of water, so that when you hit them softly with a knife or a spoon they will make different sound. This is possible as the varying amount of water will make them sound different. You can always experiment by varying the medium of holding water or by varying the level of water in these glasses.

- Hummer: A hummer is very easy to make, where you can use a cylindrical cardboard box. For that, you can take a paper towel tube. Along with that, you just need a wax paper and a rubber band. Now, wrap one end of the box with the wax paper and hold it in place with the rubber band tightly on the wax paper wrapped around the end. Now you can make sound with the opposite empty end of the cardboard box.

This way you can make some inexpensive crafts of music instrument for your child to play with.