Teaching Supplies - Top Ten

Getting teaching supplies ready for the first day of school can be a stressful job for some teachers. There are so many activities to do and routines to establish the first week of school that usually you don't need to have all of your teaching supplies purchased by the first day. Here is my list of the top ten teaching supplies I make sure that I have by the first day of class. I wait and purchase some of my other classroom teaching supplies later. It took me several years of extremely late nights right before school starts to make me realize that it all does not have to be done at once.
10. Nameplates - I make sure that each student has a nameplate for "Back to School" night.
9. Personal calendar - I keep a lot of dates on my Google Calendar, but I always keep a small calendar on my desk.
8. Highlighters and sticky notes - I use these for many projects with the students. They also help me stay organized.
7. New book for the 1st day - The first day of school is special for the teachers and students. When I am shopping for my teaching supplies, I like to purchase a new "back to school" book.
6. Incentives and motivators - Part of establishing a warm, inviting environment include creating community rules and norms. Each class is different, so I like to pick out different motivators each year.
5. Name tags - I try to remember the names of everyone in my class, but it takes time.
4. File Folders - I use these to keep papers organized.
3. Postcards or stationary - Each year I write a note to my incoming students welcoming them to my class.
2. Record keeping book- Like my plan book, I like to start making notes about students.
1. Lesson plan book - This is one of the first items I buy every year to make sure I know what I am doing on that first day.
Like I mentioned above, I don't need everything by the beginning of the school year. I consider this list my essential items to buy before school starts.
We would love to hear what you consider "Must Have's" for the start of the year!