Classroom Supplies for the First Day

Are your classroom supplies ready for the beginning of the year? About this time every year, I start thinking about going back to school. I'm always excited and nervous about being prepared for the start of the year. It is a busy time. You are in the process of getting to know your new students and families, as well as new staff members, and maybe even a new school. How do you begin your exciting new adventure and get those classroom supplies ready? Follow these simple steps and you will be set.
Don't open all of your materials before you are ready to use them! Chances are that you will use all of the items that you purchase; however, you may find that you don't. So, I like to open packages of paper, arts, and crafts, and bulletin board sets as I use them. I have traded items with my teammates and saved some materials to use at a later time.
Be ready to organize a lot of classroom supplies! You will bring a lot of teacher classroom supplies into your room as you set up, but remember that all of your students will be bringing in their supplies as well. They will be bringing in crayons, pencils, markers, glue sticks, and many other school supplies. Are you going to have each child be responsible for his or her materials, or are you going to have "community" supplies? I always have my students keep some of their supplies such as notebooks, scissors, and crayons. Then, we group other supplies like glue bottles and markers for community use. Decide how you want to organize supplies and then plan accordingly.
Thank your school community for any items that have been donated! There are many people who are dedicated to helping kids have the school supplies that they need to make learning fun and productive. Thank those individuals and groups who give materials to their communities.
K12SchoolSupplies can help you get off to a fantastic start!
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