Classroom Decorations - Questions to Ask as You Set Up

Classroom decorations are one of the first things to come out of the closet when you step into your classroom after summer vacation. Putting up bulletin boards, charts and posters, and pocket charts not only help you physically define your teaching spaces but they also mentally prepare you to get back into the teaching mode. When you are deciding where to put your classroom decorations, think about how you want your class to operate. Here are the questions that I ask myself as I put up my classroom decorations.
  1. Where will my main teaching area be? I decide where my main teaching area will be before I do anything else in my classroom. I don't want my decorations to be distracting, so I carefully balance that main area with some plain space so it will not be overwhelming to students.
  2. What classroom decorations are going to be seasonal? This is a question that I reflect on every year. I like to have some seasonal displays, however, I really need to decide how often I am going to change my bulletin boards. I like to put up displays that will last at least six to eight weeks.
  3. What information do the students need to have access to every day? In my second grade class, we use the daily schedule, classroom calendar, and center pocket chart. These organizational tools are introduced the very first week. Since I use these classroom decorations as teaching tools, I really put some thought into buying the products that best fit my teaching needs. Some are pocket charts and others are posters.
  4. What items should I laminate? I don't laminate all of my charts and posters because it can be both costly and time-consuming. I really try to only laminate those items that will be highly used by the kids.
How do you think about setting up your classroom decorations? We would love to hear your tips and ideas.
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