Get your School Supplies Organized Now

Are your school supplies ready for the year? The school will be in session soon. Are you ready to get started? You may have the school supplies you need, but do you know how you are planning to organize and store your supplies? Here are several tips that will help you think about ways to organize and store your essential school supplies. Spending some time thinking about these few things will ensure that your school year will get off to a fabulous start.
  • Think about your current organizing system - Do you have shelves or drawers? Would you like to store classroom supplies by units or by seasons? Do you file papers, or do you tend to put them into piles? Write down several personal goals describing how you would like to see yourself organizing your classroom materials.
  • Sort the materials that you do not have a current storage system for - First, decide if you want to sort by size, subject area, or unit. You can either add these items to your other shelves or drawers, or you may choose to purchase a new system for your school supplies.
  • Think about any new school supplies that you have - Are there specific items that could help with storage? There are many storage solutions for school supplies. For example, there are great storage bags designed for posters, bulletin board sets, etc.
Setting up an organizational system can be a daunting task for some, but for others, it may be simple. You may not be able to set it up all at once, but if you make a plan, you will be able to create an organizational system that will work for you.
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