School Teaching Supplies for 2011


School teaching supplies are items that every teacher needs. New school teaching supplies are can make your classroom a great place for learning. One can argue that as a teacher all you need is basic supplies, and you can teach just about anything. We have to remember students have a variety of learning styles that require a variety of teaching styles. Once we figure out how our students best learn, then it is up to us to find the best school teaching supplies to help them learn. Classroom environment, manipulatives, and critical thinking activities all play an important role in your classroom.
If your classroom environment is not a warm, welcoming place, then chances are your students will have difficulty learning. Classroom decorations such as posters, charts, and bulletin board sets can all help create a positive atmosphere where great learning experiences can take place. Are you looking to make some changes in your room this year? Think about getting a new motivational poster or some colorful incentive pads. Once you pick a theme or two, go with it. You and your students will enjoy learning about something new.
Manipulatives are a great addition to any room and are beneficial when teaching anything. Blocks for the creative play center, unifix cubes for math, figurines for the writing stations. Manipulatives for your classroom are a great tool to inspire learning.
Critical thinking activities are a must have for your class. No doubt you work with a variety of learners that have a wide variety of learning needs. Pick several new games or brainteasers that can be used at learning centers or as extension activities.
Take a few minutes and reflect on what you can do to make 2011 your best year teaching. Change up the decor in your room, buy some new manipulatives and critical thinking activities, and watch your room transform into a room where learning happens.
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