Classroom Music CD's and Instruments

Classroom music should be part of every teacher's school supplies. Many schools programs include music as part of their routine; however, there are some schools where the classroom music is the only form of music education. I listen to music with my little ones on every day. There are many music CDs for kids that help create fun classroom routines. Some of my favorite CD's in the classroom help
me greet the students in the morning, clean up with them throughout the day and, and say a friendly
goodbye to them in the afternoon. Music can calm kids while working on independent tasks. There are also many great musical products for ESL learners that help kids develop phonemic awareness and even teach math skills. Music is a wonderful way for students to learn new concepts.
Kid's instruments are a great addition to any classroom. You can use bells, drums, and rhythm sticks during whole group instruction when kids answer questions. Sometimes when you are playing a game as a class, you can have students pick an instrument to use instead of a timer. Just those little moments give kids exposure to instruments that they might not otherwise get.
I also try to incorporate classroom music books into our activities. I think that social studies is a wonderful curriculum area to spend a little bit of time exploring music from a historical perspective. Students always enjoy listening to new and old songs. I know that I love music and I enjoy learning about composers and see the value that music can play in education.
Think about ways you can include classroom music into your day. You can start out small, even by just singing a good morning song. Before you know it, you will have a great selection of music for your classroom.