Teacher Office Supplies

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Teacher office supplies for your room can quickly add up. Most people wish that they could spend the majority their budget on bulletin board sets, charts and posters, incentive pads, and other materials. However, teacher office supplies are necessary to make a class run efficiently. Some of the most popular teacher office supplies include; highlighters, index cards, dry erase markers, and folders. Theses school supplies help one stay organized and focused. When one has the teacher office supplies that she needs, then the classroom can be a great atmosphere where exciting learning opportunities
can take place. Sometimes teacher office supplies are included in school supply lists that are sent home at the beginning of the year and every student brings in several materials for the teacher. At other schools, staff members may have a community supply room where the school purchases office supplies and people are able to take what they need. Unfortunately, this system is not available in many schools across the country because district budgets are being drastically cut. Now many people are responsible for their own teacher office supplies that they may have access to in years past. This can be stressful for new and veteran teachers alike. How does one decide what are the most necessary items? Here are some questions to ask your self as you try to decide what materials you need to purchase.
What are the supplies that you use daily that make you a better teacher and enable your students to be successful? For example, maybe you love to make your own flash cards and index cards are the perfect tool for making your cards. Whatever your "go to" item is, be sure that you have that supply in your room so you can use it whenever you need to .
What is on sale and how can you use that item instead of a similar item that you are currently using? Yes, we all have our favorite brand of notebooks and dry erase markers, but have you tried out some other brands? Often times, the competitors to the products we love to meet or exceed our standards. Look to see if you can find some great bargains on some new products.
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