Math Flash Cards and Road Trips

Math Flash Cards can go anywhere! They can be the perfect activity to bring along for any road trip. I just got back from a vacation with my family. I made sure to pack a variety of activities for the trip. Along with "I Spy", coloring books, lots of singing, and some old-fashioned storytelling, I brought along some simple math flashcards. Luckily, we did not have far to go, but I knew that the time in the car might be a bit challenging. My girls enjoyed the flash cards and the activities we did with them. We made up story problems using the things that we saw. For example, after we counted the trucks that would pass us by, I had them find a card and tell a truck story for their equation. We would look for buses, tractors, animals and tell math stories about them.
Yes, the latest and greatest gaming systems help children learn math concepts. There is no doubt that these are fun and engaging; however, there are other choices. Math flash cards can provide many opportunities to interact with your child. It is great to introduce other ways to learn new things and practice math concepts. Kids spend many hours "plugged in" tot.v., video games, movies.
Parents, as well as teachers, can demonstrate a variety of games to play with math flashcards. There are many different types of flash cards to choose from ranging from cards that focus on early numeracy skills to multiplication and telling time. Don't worry about buying batteries for these activities! Visit to see all of the wonderful math flash cards available.
Do you have any suggestions for great activities using math flash cards? If you do, please share them below.