Home School Supplies - What do you Really Need

What homeschool supplies do you need to create a productive, nurturing home classroom for your child? Chances are if you are homeschooling, you have a set curriculum that you use. It might include a list of resources and then a list of additional materials. Most homeschooling parents that I know are very resourceful and know how to utilize their community resources and provide their child with many wonderful experiences that provide their child with a solid education. Homeschool supplies should not break the bank. When you budget properly, your homeschool supplies should only take a small percentage of your income. How can you determine what homeschool supplies you need? When is the best time to purchase the supplies? How do you budget accordingly? Consider the following ideas to get your school year off to a fabulous start:
  • Assess your needs - If this is not your first year homeschooling, write down a list of things that have gone well over the past year, and then make a list of things that you want to improve. If this is your first year, make a list of things you want to accomplish and then list challenges that you anticipate.
  • Create a budget - Whenever you create a budget, you first need to determine where your money is currently going, itemize your costs and consider want you to want to purchase. Dedicate a certain amount of money to cover the cost of your homeschool supplies.
  • Talk to other homeschooling parents - By talking to other parents, you will learn the best items to purchase and the best time of year to purchase the supplies. There are many great deals throughout the year.
  • Make a list - Create a list of items that you need to support your teaching goals and a list of materials you want. Browse K12 School Supplies and find 4-6 items that you believe would enable you to be a successful teacher and create meaningful learning experiences for your child. Then, find 4 - 6 items that you want, but don't necessarily need.
What homeschool supplies do you need? We would love to hear your ideas! Please send your comments our way.