Educational Toys - A Perfect Gift

Educational toys don't have to be boring! I was recently at a birthday party talking with several other teachers who are parents. We ended up discussing the benefits of getting toys that support learning when choosing gifts for our own kids as well as other kids. There are many great, fun toys that can provide hours of entertainment as well as reinforce important ideas and skills for children. Sometimes when the word "educational" is connected with "toys" teachers and parents tend to assume that kids may not enjoy them as much as the popular and trendy toys.
Many times parents are very appreciative when their child gets a new educational toy. With an increase in educational toys, many manufacturers are making it easier than ever before for anyone to select great toys. Often parents would like to get a game or toy that teaches kids as they play, but they might not know what toy to purchase, or where to buy it. As a parent and an educator, I really try to select toys that are age and grade appropriate.
Here are some important things to think about as you are trying to pick out an educational toy for a child.
  • If you know the child well, think of her interests and find a gift that will provide meaningful learning experiences.
  • Find the designated age or grade that the toy is developed for. This will ensure that the toy is age appropriate.
  • Think about some of your favorite educational toys from when you were a child. Many of these toys are still on the market and can make wonderful presents.
  • When in doubt, ask the child's parents, they know what skills and concepts she may be learning and may already have some fun educational toys on their wish list.
There are many wonderful resources for finding educational toys. Be sure to visit and check out the great selection of toys.