Deciding What Teacher Supplies You Need

Buying teacher supplies can be expensive. It doesn't take long to spend more than you budget for as you shop for your teacher supplies. Over the summer you've had time to think about how you are going to change your routines, maybe create new centers, and add to your classroom library. You may have even had the chance to read inspiring books and blogs that have given you new ideas. There are so many great teacher supplies, but there is no doubt that you have to narrow down your list. How do you decide what educational materials you need right now and what ones you could purchase at a later date?
When it comes to deciding what teacher supplies that I purchase at the beginning of the year, I really try to think back to what I was missing or wanted the previous year. Or, I may make a list of the teacher supplies that my teammates have that I would like to buy. For instance, my teammate had a hundred pocket chart, and I used it many times. I knew that I wanted to buy my own pocket chart, so the following year it was one of my first "back to school" purchases.
Here are some questions to ask your self as you think about what you want to buy:
  • Do the items I want to buy really match my teaching goals?
  • What will help me the most as I begin my new year?
  • Would it be beneficial if I asked my teammates to buy a big item together?
  • Is there an item that I have been waiting a long time to buy?
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