Teacher School Supply Store - Spring

Garden with some tulips and narcissus

When you visit the teacher school supply store and buy back to school items in August, you are not normally purchasing teacher school supplies for Spring. Even when you try to plan ahead, Spring supplies are not at the top your list. Your favorite teacher school supply store will have everything that you need to decorate your classroom. Just a few simple items will brighten up your room. Here are a few simple ideas that are both inexpensive, yet fun.
Seasonal bulletin board sets with themes such as "The Life Cycles of Plants," "Weather," or "Creepy Crawlies" are terrific ways to bring these activities into your room. Students of all ages enjoy these themes and there are countless ways to incorporate these themes across the curriculum.
Another idea is to purchase seasonal incentive pads, stickers, and pencils. While these items are small and simple, students really appreciate a recognition for a job well done. Stickers are fun anytime, and who wouldn't enjoy getting a new decorative pencil.
You can also find amazing teacher resources that will provide you with great arts and crafts projects, creative writing assignments, and other seasonal activities. As a teacher, you are always learning new strategies and techniques that will help you be a more confident, effective teacher. Part of learning is using the resources you have available.
You as well as your students will appreciate these small little changes in your learning environment. Think about some of the ways you change the decorations in your own house as the seasons change. Spring is a time for renewal. Have some fun and think about your interests as well as your students'.
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