Childrens Books - Read Across America

Christie Black, Miss Virginia reads the book, ...

What are your favorite children's books for reading Across America Day? Schools across the country will be emphasizing the importance of reading. Start selecting the children's books that you will want to celebrate. Here are some activities that you can do in the classroom or at home to share your love of reading.
  • Make a bookmark - Pick your favorite children's book character and design a fun bookmark. Do you love the classics, such as The Cat in the Hat or The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Grab some paper and cut out a green caterpillar.
  • Survey your friends - Take a class survey and see what books are the favorites. Pick several and read them aloud with a partner or as a class.
  • Write a story extension - Pick a favorite story and write an alternate ending or a sequel.
  • Be an illustrator - Choose your favorite part of the story and draw a picture to represent it
  • Write a review - Share your love for a children's book that you enjoy with others
  • Invite guests to a party - Invite parents and community members into the classroom to share a read aloud
  • Host a book swap - Ask students and staff members to bring in books to trade
  • Share an original story - Readers are writers, so share one of your best stories with classmates
  • Have a read-a-ton - How many books can you read in a day? Decide how and when to start reading and get going. The contest could last one day or several.
These are just a few ideas you can use to celebrate reading. One of the best things about this day is discussing the importance of children's books and how millions of children across the country are thinking about what it means to be a reader. Wonderful children's books play such an important part of our education. Pick up a book and read today!