Valentine's Day Teacher Classroom Supplies

Bird Valentine's Day Card

It is not too late to get the teacher classroom supplies that you need to celebrate Valentine's Day. There are great teacher classroom supplies that can help you and your class enjoy fun learning activities. Kids need a break from your normal routine. Teacher classroom supplies such as themed stickers, charts and posters, bulletin board sets, and arts & crafts can be used to teach a variety of lessons. This holiday is a perfect time to bring an alphabetizing lesson into your party time as the students pass out valentines. Simple teacher classroom supplies like writing paper and fun valentines pencils can make a writing assignment much more enjoyable. You can also sort candy and then make a graph. Consider what grade you teach, and modify your activities.

Depending on what math skills you are currently working on, there are a variety of ways you can guide students. Be creative! Provide quality instruction and have fun at the same time. During social studies read about the history of this holiday and why not read some great themed books during your literacy block.
You might also need to change your schedule if your class will be having a party. This party will most likely be different than your other classroom parties because chances are that the Halloween party involved costumes and the Christmas party was right before the break. You might have more time to play games such as bingo or pass out crossword puzzles and brainteasers. Don't forget to allow time for the kids to read their special cards. In a time where emails and texting is the main source of communication between peers, encourage students to take time to enjoy a handwritten message.