School Teaching Supplies for Test Day


Do you have school teaching supplies for test day? You have been prepping since the beginning of the year and the big days are nowhere. Testing days can be exhausting for both the students and the teachers. Make sure that you have school teaching supplies to use for some extracurricular activities after the students take the standardized tests. You have been using your test prep materials to help prepare students, but now is a perfect time to be creative and have fun. Here are some fun school teaching supplies that you can use on testing days.
Arts and crafts - Have you been working on an interesting science or social studies unit that the kids really enjoy? If so, let the students get creative after taking a test by making a project. Art is a wonderful way to release some energy and have fun. Get some paint, chalk, or clay and get started.
Play an educational game - Whether you play a game as a class, or break into small groups, students will get the chance to interact with one another. Everyone will need that interaction after concentrating all morning. Games like Classroom Jeopardy or Bingo are likely to get your class ready to have some fun.
Multi-Media - Maybe a movie or some computer time would be enjoyable. Take time to connect a DVD to a current unit that you are teaching. Students just might need to think about something else for awhile.
Go outside and play - Nothing gets kids moving like being outside. Getting some fresh air and starting a game of basketball or football can be just what the students need to release some energy.
Whatever school teaching supplies you are looking for to help kids have fun after a long intense day of testing, you can find them at an online school teaching supply like We have a wide selection of supplies to meet your needs.