Teacher School Supplies

A small pad of Post-It notes.

Buying teacher school supplies can be quite costly and time consuming. Many school budgets are shrinking and teachers are now responsible for providing high quality classroom instruction as well as supplying many teacher school supplies for their classrooms. This school year is almost halfway over for many classes across the country. That means that many teachers are trying to plan for the remainder of the year. Teachers want to replenish their teacher school supplies. Here are some of the top items that teachers will be purchasing as they start off the second half of the year.
1. Consumable school supplies - Items such as pens, dry erase markers, post-it notes, glue, and paper are all materials that are used daily and can be ordered in bulk.
2. Bulletin board sets - Winter break is a great time to rearrange your classroom and decorate your bulletin boards. Think of ways to change things and introduce new units.
3. Test prep - Most standardized tests take place during the second half of the year. Pick up some new test prep teaching materials and get ready for that big test day.
4. Children's books - Quality reading material and high interest stories are great teaching tools for any classroom. Pick several new books every couple of months to buy.
5. Charts and Posters - Do you know what science and social studies units are coming up? Take some time to find a couple of charts and posters to accompany your upcoming units.
6. Flashcards - Flashcards can be used for so many different activities like centers and whole group games. They are an inexpensive teaching tool that make learning fun and interactive.
If you keep an inventory of these materials and need to purchase more, then it is very easy to check out online discount teacher supply stores like www.k12schoolsupplies.net and buy what you need.