Educational Toys for Kids

Inside Play House

Educational toys make amazing gifts! If you are looking for the perfect toy that will engage the kids in your life and provide great learning experiences, check out some of this year's hot educational toys. This year I am buying Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews ranging in age from 6 weeks to 15. As a teacher, I always start looking for educational toys before I look at anything else. Here are some of the great educational toys that I plan to purchase this year.
Infants - Rattles, balls, and puzzles are wonderful educational toys for this age group. Babies can never have too many. An abacus rattle can soothe sore gums and then be used to teach early counting skills.
Toddlers - Blocks, puzzles, and dolls can introduce the toddler in your life to the terrific world of building and independent play. This age group can spend many hours building a tower with blocks only to knock it down and then build it up again.
Preschoolers - Ready, set, play. Play furniture, play food and costumes will spark a child's imagination and allow them to explore creative play and be entertained for hours. Whether the preschoolers decide to play house, school or be characters in a faraway fairyland, props and educational toys will make the play experience come to life.
Early Elementary age -This age group is anxious to explore the world of science, so Steve Spangler science educational toys are great. Making instant snowballs and growing crystals let kids experience the wonder of the natural world.
Upper Elementary age - Critical thinking activities and brainteasers are perfect for this age. Kids this age enjoy challenges and are excited to apply what they are learning in school to real-life situations. Brainteasers give kids the opportunity to work independently and complete tasks.
It may just be the educator in me that wants to give the gift of learning. The little ones on your list this year (and their parents) will appreciate the time and thought you put into getting educational toys. Happy shopping!