Teaching Supplies on your Wish List?

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Are teaching supplies on your wish list for Christmas? Since all of my friends and family know that I am a teacher, I hint at teaching supplies. It is the perfect time of year to stock up on teaching supplies for the second semester. We always have a teacher work day after the break, and getting several new things always helps me get settled for the second half of the year. There may be several teaching supplies that you may have wanted at the beginning of the year and didn't get. Around this time of year, you may be getting gift certificates from students, PTA boards, and community members. My daughter's elementary school collects donations from families for each teacher prior to Christmas.
Usually, we divide the funds and give each teacher a gift certificate and then a small cash gift. The school community recognizes that teachers spend a significant amount of their own money on supplies and would like to help. There are several things that are great to buy this time of year!
Educational Games - I can never have too many educational games. Games provide students the opportunity to exercise social and academic skills in a fun manner. There are a variety of games designed to review math, language arts, and science skills. Quiz games, card games, and board games present learning in a fun, innovative way.
Furniture & Equipment - Do you need a new area Rug for the Kids? It just might be time to get that new alphabet carpet. If you receive a gift certificate for teaching supplies, think about getting something you need that you might not otherwise purchase on your own.
Storage supplies - I tend to focus on buying necessary supplies at the beginning of the year. Often times I don't buy the storage materials that would help me organize my new materials. This is a super time of year to purchase storage supplies.
If you haven't already thought about what teaching supplies are on your wish list for Christmas this year, visit K12School Supplies today.