Educational Toys for Kids

My late grandfather hand-built this dollhouse.

Educational toys are definitely a popular pick for presents this holiday season. There are some wonderful educational toys designed to spark your child's imagination and provide quality learning opportunities. Electronic toys are great, but I believe that children need the opportunity to play with traditional educational toys such as blocks, Legos, and checkers.
The other day I was playing dollhouse with my five-year-old daughter. She wanted the dollhouse characters to have a birthday party. We made the birthday cake out of construction paper and cut decorations out of gift wrapping paper. She realized that there was not a table for the house. I told her that she might be able to buy a table for the dollhouse after Christmas. She proudly said, "No, Mom. I will just create one out of blocks. We don't need to buy one."
I share this story because she loves to create things and use her imagination. Honestly, she really doesn't know how to play video games and doesn't really enjoy them. There will be many opportunities to catch up on the latest technological advance soon enough. For now, I want her to be creative and use her imagination. Educational games give children the opportunity to do just that. With busy schedules and many structured activities for kids today, they often don't get an opportunity to enjoy unstructured play time.
If you are giving a special gift to a child this holiday season, I would encourage you to consider finding an educational toy that promotes imaginative play. It's a gift that's priceless and will create many great childhood memories.
Still, need some ideas? Here are several greater educational toys: Play food, train sets, science experiment kits, and puzzles. Check out www.k12schoolsupplies for a wide selection of educational toys.