Teaching Supplies and Parent Volunteers

A parent-volunteer sorts books that have been ...

Need to organize your teaching supplies? Start utilizing your parent volunteers to help get your classroom and teaching supplies in order. Whether you have a huge list of parents willing to volunteer in your classroom, or you have a small list of faithful parents, take them up on their eagerness to help. When I started teaching, I honestly did not know how to get the most help from parents who offered to volunteer. In the beginning, I was a little nervous about having the parent volunteers in the classroom while I was teaching because I felt that they were critiquing my teaching ability. I soon grew out of being anxious. Many parents enjoy working with their child so I would have my volunteers help facilitate small group activities.
They would often read with students and help play center games. Looking back, I wish that I would have invited more volunteers into the classroom and put them to work. I rarely had volunteers help prepare my teaching supplies because it seemed like it took more time for me to explain to them what to do. All I needed to do was plan ahead. Are you looking for ways to have parents help with teaching supplies in your classroom? Here are some tips.
  • Filing - Do you have a huge pile of student papers on your desk? Have a parent volunteer file papers for you.
  • Cutting, coloring, gluing - How many nights have you stayed up late doing these tasks? If you have answered many, then start thinking about how you can delegate. Parents can easily complete these tasks at home or when they come into your classroom.
  • Making flash cards - Think about what games, centers, or other activities you will be doing in class and decide how volunteers might be able to help. For instance, writing math facts on index cards or separating game pieces can help you save time.
Parent volunteers can help you organize your materials and help you out in your classroom. Think about your particular needs and figure out how a parent volunteer might be able to help you.