Early Childhood School Supplies

Early Childhood Development Center

Early childhood school supplies are developed especially for young children. There are many different games and activities that promote gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills. Not every supply is the same. When you are working in an early childhood classroom, it is important that you are familiar with the teaching tools that are available to you. As you are setting up your early childhood classroom, remember that items, like printed rugs for kids, are teaching tools as well as classroom management tools. A high-quality classroom rug can help you organize your seating arrangement and help kids learn their alphabet and numbers.
When you are searching for the appropriate classroom items, look and the ages and stages descriptions. Most items have ages and stages listed on the box or the instruction manual. There are many developmental toys that are designed for the early childhood classroom such as manipulatives, ride-on's, and books. There are also many resources books and Internet sites that give product reviews and suggestions for early childhood materials. Here are some things to think about as you look for these classroom supplies.
  • Buy things that would be appropriate for more multiple grade levels. There are some early childhood materials that can be used across many different ages. For instance, math manipulatives like unifix cubes can be used for counting as well as multiplying.
  • Think about what might make your classroom more age appropriate. Maybe you could use more kid-friendly furniture. Simple things like step stools can make kids feel more comfortable and independent in their environment.
  • Books, books, and more books. - You can never have too many books, especially for little kids. There are so many wonderful stories that can be magical for preschoolers. Make sure you have an outstanding selection. Multiple copies of favorite picture books are always fun to have. Don't forget about non-fiction books, too!
Preschool students are excited to learn and developmentally appropriate toys promote a variety of skills that reinforce fine and gross motor development.
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