Winther - Inspire "Learning by Moving"

Winther products offer a variety of tricycles, safety scooters, as well as buggies and other fun ride-on toys. If you are not familiar with this company, read to see how these fantastic toys encourage physical development and can provide hours of entertainment.
This high quality outside toys for home and school are designed with your child in mind. The company's mission is to promote "Learning by moving." The ride-on toys encourage kids to use their imagination by riding together in the Duo or solo on their tricycle. There are endless opportunities for imagination. Kids will gain confidence as they zip around the playground on these carefully designed toys. The buggies are equipped with canopies, which offers protection from the sun and many teachers, who are responsible for Kindergarten children often make use of the Winther buggies on day trips and outings.
With the lovely, colorful ride-on toys created by Winther, younger children will be able to combine fun with learning. Since exercise is an important part of growing up and building muscles, the Winther ride-on scooters and tricycles are the perfect choice for promoting physical development. The Winther products have been specifically designed to handle rough play and with innovative products such as the Taxi ride-on and the swing cart, Kindergarten children will have the opportunity to work cooperatively during recess.
The Winther range of products is certain to turn recess into a great playful experience. The toys meet strict safety regulations, so parents, as well as teachers, will feel confident. In addition to incredible customer service, the company also makes spare parts for the toys very accessible. If you are currently looking for some high quality outside toys, consider a Winther product for your next purchase.