Teaching Supplies for Tutoring

Teaching supplies fill my downstairs office. I am not currently teaching in the classroom, so I have unifix cubes, dry erase boards along with boxes of teaching materials in my office. I started to get some of my teachings supplies out for my girls to play with during their afternoon "school" sessions. After going through some of the materials, it was not long until I decided that I could earn some extra income tutoring. There is definitely a need for qualified tutors to help support students learning. Once you determine where you can conduct your sessions, you can begin using your teaching supplies. During the summer months, it is not difficult to find families interested in additional instruction. Post an advertisement on Craigslist, or call a local tutoring center and request an application. Here are some ideas on how you can use some of the materials that you have and possibly purchase some new ones to work with students on a variety of subjects.
Math - Help students sharpen their math skills by reviewing facts, practice solving problems, and explaining math reasoning. Use everyday objects as math manipulatives.
Reading - While many schools have special reading programs, a different approach can get kids excited about learning to read. Using simple teaching supplies like post-it notes and index cards, you can choose from a variety of comprehension strategies to practice. If a student needs to work on decoding, stop by your local library and check out books that focus on specific phonics skills. Use sticky notes and mark specific words to practice reading and writing.
Writing - Writing can be hard for anyone, especially kids. Use the summer months to find a journal, get outside and write about the world around you. With a little bit of guidance, students can feel more confident about their writing skills.

As with any form of teaching, communication between students, parents, and teachers is important. Make sure that you determine the student's tutoring needs and assess on a regular schedule. Grab your teaching supplies and get started.