Teacher School Supplies and Education Nation

A typical classroom library (probably 3rd grad...

Teacher school supplies play a big role in the public educational system. Who should be responsible for purchasing all of these teacher school supplies and classroom materials? Well, that can be difficult to answer. Most times, school districts feel that they adequately provide curriculum materials and extra supplies; however, many teachers feel the need to purchase their own school supplies in order to effectively teach the curriculum. Lately, I have been questioning how my decision to spend personal money on classroom items is affecting the public education system and the community as a whole.teaching resources and supplies for my classroom over the last five years. I have purposely done this, but it has been a hard financial hit, and I am not sure how much personal money I can continue to pour into my classroom.
I have spent hundreds of dollars on additional
While I have not seen the latest documentary on the failing American school system, "Waiting for Superman" directed by filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, I have been trying to keep up with the publicity surrounding the film. I think that the film is a wonderful way to spark meaningful conversations and raise critical questions about America's current views on our educational system. Some big issues are raised concerning tenure, charter schools vs. public schools, and the roles that administrators play in school. All of these are important questions, but I think that even small issues like how much personal money teachers are spending on teacher school supplies is important to debate. There are thousands of teachers who are dedicated to educating our children and will do anything to make sure that they have the materials to do so even if the school is not providing them. This is a problem because schools are expecting top-notch performance, but they are gradually taking resources and money away from teachers. The entire school community is impacted by this. Are teachers going to be able to provide high-quality instruction with less? Maybe, or maybe not. This is the question that we have to consider as we discuss other issues currently being discussed concerning educational reform.
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