Multi Media for your Classroom

One laptop per child computers

Multi-Media resources are an excellent way to introduce students to ideas in a fresh, exciting way. By using computer software, books with CD, and electronic games students can explore ideas and gain knowledge. You may want to know how to incorporate multimedia into your busy schedule. It may hard to find a large block of time. However, you can use multimedia activities as individual learning centers or enrichment activities. There is a wide range of games for the computer that reinforce math and literacy skills. I often use the computer as my research center.
Books with Cds are great for literacy stations. I often have students listen to a story and then respond by drawing a picture or writing a short summary. Students learning to read can follow along with the text. This helps students gain alphabet recognition, print knowledge, sight words, and gives a better overall understanding of oral language The high level of visual and audio support that multimedia includes is beneficial for all students. Not only does including multimedia into your classroom routine encourage students to keep up with current technology, it provides terrific support for all learners including ESL learners, gifted students, and students with special needs.
Theme related DVDs are a fun and exciting way for students to be introduced to a new theme. Short segments used appropriately can initiate great conversations and are wonderful for many sciences and social studies lessons. There are many great multimedia resources that students and teachers will find captivating and enjoyable. If you are studying volcanoes, it is great when you can find a DVD to support the lessons.
Kids and adults both find multimedia resources fun and a great way to liven up the classroom. If you are interested in finding more resources, please visit
We would love to hear how you incorporate multimedia into your routine!