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Homeschool supplies are in every room of my house. Sometimes they are organized, and other times they are everywhere. As a mom to two daughters, 3 and 5, I have literacy materials, math manipulatives, and arts and crafts supplies available for any playtime activity. My three-year-old is currently very involved in making her own books, so I make various writing materials accessible. I have collected many of my homeschool supplies over time. While both girls attend a part-time
preschool program, I am a teacher and want to offer fun learning activities at home. It does not matter if you are homeschooling full-time or wanting to supplement your child's schooling, some basic homeschool supplies can inspire learning and spark your child's imagination. What are some basic homeschool supplies for every household with young children should have? Here are some of the top homeschool supplies on my list.
Paper-All kinds of paper! We have construction paper, copy paper, and tag board paper. What do we use it for? I don't think that I can even list all of the ways that we use paper. My girl's design masterpieces by painting, coloring, and cutting. Reuse fliers, newspapers, and mail that you have around your house and then buy some special craft paper for special projects.
Paints, crayons, and other writing tools - Again, I believe that you can never have enough of these items. Watercolors, finger paints, and markers are available in so many bold, bright colors. Just grab some paper and get started. Get creative and let your imagination go wild!
Glue - Not every project requires glue, but you can make some amazing projects with glue. My kids love to cut and create bookmarks, paper dolls, and puzzles. They use glue for all of these activities. I personally prefer glue sticks, but there are many different types of adhesives.
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