The Importance of Thinking Before You Post | Facebook And Your Child

We talk to a lot of teachers and parents, and we often get asked about the internet, social media and students.  Facebook posted a wonderful article on the topic by Will Gardner CEO of Childnet International on child safety on the internet.  Here are some highlights complement with my hands on experience raising two children through the emergence of social media.
Next time your child gets on a social media site like Facebook or MySpace, and if you're a parent, ask your children these questions to help them learn about responsible posting:
  • Is your child/students using the privacy settings offered by social networking services? They are confusing to me as an adult, and you should not be afraid to review them with your child and talk about what is acceptable and the implications.
  • Talk about selecting friends online that you can trust? Remember it's not just about what you post, but how others may use that content.
  • Are you carefully thinking about the potential consequences of publishing your photos before you upload them, or comments before you post them? Once something gets posted to the internet it can be there forever.  The idea of permanent can be hard for children to understand.
  • Do you ask for permission from your friends before publishing photos of them? A photo that may be funny to you may cause harm to a friend.
It is important to show children and students to think before you post. Younger children are easier to talk about internet safety than teenagers, but it is doable. This is about taking control of your online safety and participating in the benefits of social media, with respect for yourself and for others.

As a parent, I have been having had to meet I know first hand thsafer internetat parents need to proactively engage with their children when it comes to the internet.  It was not until my oldest child went to the college before I could be a friend on Facebook.  Before that, it was “creepy”.  So if your child is like mine, it is up to you to help make the internet safer for children.
BIG TIP: don’t comment on your child’s posts.  Then they know, that you know, that they are watching :)
The Importance of Thinking Before You Post | Facebook