The best part of Kindergarten: Recess with Winther


Kids will go to kindergarten and wait not-so-patiently for playtime to strike. At their young age playing and interacting with other children of the same age-group is what motivates them to learn and grow. Social interaction is the best way for young kids to develop in many ways. Of course, they want to have fun too. And seriously, what would life be without all the fun parts? Something every kindergarten playground and preschool should have is a few Winther bikes and trikes – there is no kindergartner that doesn’t love these gadgets.

For many decades a Danish company called Winther has been producing an assortment of tricycles, bikes, scooters, and Kiddy buses that seem to have rolled right out of some fantastic imaginary land. Winther Tricycles are colorful, fun, interesting and so attention-grabbing that every kindergartner instantly falls in love with them. Recess becomes so much more than just a break from learning. With a Winther Tricycle, playtime becomes every little kid’s dream come true.

Winther toys are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination. Kids can pretend to be whoever they want to be on one of these fantastic little bikes. This type of mental stimulation is a great foundation for the future. Fantasy lands are good for kids (in moderation) and there is no doubt that you will see a whole playground of happy children during recess if you stock up on a few (or maybe just a little more than a few) Winther bikes and tricycles.

All Winther ride-on and safety products are vividly colorful – after all, a trip to an imaginary world just won’t do unless your mode of transport is an exciting and vibrant color (perhaps a cherry red Winther Kiddy Bus or two). Kids have the ability to combine fun with learning, and in all honesty, the best way to learn is ALWAYS the fun way.

Exercise is an important part of growing up but there is little stimulation in doing a few jumping jacks and running around the yard during a game of “tag”. Winther ride-on scooters and three-wheel tricycles are the perfect choices when it comes to building up-fit young bodies. Kids can literally spend hours riding around on their fancy Winther bikes and never get bored. All Winther products are designed to be interesting for the minds of little people.

Playtime is about so much more than just running around and getting lots of exercises. It is a time where young children have the opportunity to build up their social skills and learn how to interact with others. With fantastic products such as the rickshaw Winther ride-on and the swing cart, you will find yourself looking out onto a playground where kindergartners are learning to share and work together. These skills are definitely ones that every child should learn at a young age as they will come in handy several years later when teamwork and group tasks become the order of the day.

You may worry about the breakability of Winther products. After all, if they are used by kindergartners during recess you never know what could happen. They may decide to go traveling through some mysterious fantasy mud-swamp and surely no bike made for kids could ever handle that much strain… Of course, the creators of Winther bikes have taken all of this into consideration. So there is no chance of swamp alligator (or little Tommy) breaking the bike no matter how crazy the imaginary trip gets. All Winther products are covered in an amazingly tough powder coating which creates a very strong, impact-proof surface and also deters rusting. Frames and forks are guaranteed to last for several years and winter spare parts are available worldwide.

When it comes to younger children, safety is always a concern. Winther products are designed specifically for the little folk, so as many safety features as possible are packed into every bike, trike, and Kiddy bus. You can rest assured that the designers of Winther products have made sure that their products are perfectly safe for every kindergartner.

A young child NEEDS physical activity; it is not just a mere want. Of course with the need for physical activity comes the need for space and interactive toys. Not just any fluffy little toy will do, toys with high play value are pre-requisites for any kindergarten so that children can move around and play to their hearts’ content. Winther products are the perfect addition to any playground and are the perfect toys for healthy, happy children.